Revolutionizing Stage Management: The Spikemark Project For Eurovision

13 May 2023

Overview: The Spikemark Project

The Spikemark project aimed to create a digital system that would replace the need for non-technical stage management teams to re-lay tape from the rehearsal to live spaces. Specifically designed for Eurovision, this custom solution addressed a unique problem space within the entertainment industry.

Key features of the system include:

  • Indicating set piece locations or presenter positions on the LED stage, without using tape

  • Swapping between different layouts between takes, eliminating tape clutter and improving production efficiency

The Spikemark project not only advanced Disguise' API/External UIs and Workflows initiatives but also marked the company's first web-based UI designed for users outside our typical customer base.

Company Background: Innovating for the Entertainment Industry

Disguise specializes in developing software solutions for the entertainment industry, including theatre and event productions. The mission is to make technology accessible to all users, regardless of technical expertise, and to enhance creativity and efficiency in the industry.

Approach: A User-Centric Design Process

As the UX designer for the Spikemark project, I focused on designing an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. I collaborated with developers and stakeholders to ensure a seamless experience for non-technical stage management teams.

Our approach included:

  1. Conducting user research to understand target users' needs and pain points

  2. Developing wireframes based on feedback from Eurovision design workshops

  3. Collaborating with front-end developers to refine designs and ensure user needs were met

  4. Conducting user testing with stage management personnel from Eurovision

Results: A Successful Implementation

The Spikemark project was a success, delivering an intuitive and visually appealing tool that met the needs of non-technical stage management teams. The feedback from Eurovision was overwhelmingly positive, with the system making it easy for teams to lay out coloured marks on the LED stage, indicating set piece locations or presenter positions.

This project not only advanced our technical capabilities but also expanded our offerings to a new market.

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Challenges: Ensuring Ease of Use

One of the key challenges we encountered during the project was ensuring that the tool was easy to use for non-technical users. By conducting user research, testing, and collaborating with front-end developers, we addressed this challenge and created a seamless user experience.

Conclusion: Looking Ahead

The Spikemark project was a valuable asset to the Eurovision team and a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team members. As disguise continues to push our API/External UIs and Workflows initiatives forward, we look forward to future developments in our product offerings for the entertainment industry.